Let's go to Little Liuqiu Scenic Area .

This time, Michell wants to have a tour of a small island off of Taiwan

and show the beautiful sights for you guys.

I feel so excited when thinking about going to

have a tour in Donggang/ Little Liuqiu Scenic Area /Dapeng Bay.



Have you ever experienced beautiful sightseeing, delicious food,

diving and kayaking in Little Liuqiu Scenic Area?

Before traveling, I like to plan my schedule. I prefer to eat the best,

play the best, thus my schedule has to be perfect.

After gathering the information on the net and hearing what the locals recommend,

I finally decided my travel schedule to Donggang/Little Liuqiu Scenic Area/Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package.

Follow my steps, enjoy this tour package that brings various surprises 


Michell found that, the website of Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package 

gathers all these places' and classic spots that are the must see,

but also transportation to help visitors.


Because of the E-Travel Tour Package,

you don't need to worry where should you go or how to get there, etc.

Using the E-Travel Tour Package,

it’s really easy for you to order the schedule which you prefer.東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 

Little Liuqiu Scenic Area is located in Pingtung

which is only one of the coral reefs islands in Taiwan.

It's easy to get there. When arriving in Kaohsiung, take the shuttle bus to Donggang.


On this website, you can easily get a transportation ticket package but it’s 

cheaper than other websites.1 

You can get the cost-effective ship tickets and electric scooter at the same time.

Besides, no matter what you want to do, such as sailboat,

kayak or dive. What a perfect schedule.東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 

The E-Travel Tour Package is not only offering transportations and sightseeing,

but you get 20-40% discount on local foods. They also have discounts for groups.


Besides, after ordering the tour package on their website and becoming a member,

you will get a personal QR Code that the schedule you ordered from the system.

When showing the QR Code to the stores which are designated by you, you can enjoy them.

You can also appoint the date you want to reserve the service

on the website when ordering the E-Traveling Tour Package.

Then you can enjoy your trip without waiting.  


How convenient. Super convenient!

Now let me show you what kind of E-Travel Tour Package I ordered, and how fun it was.


I want to go traveling there again.

First, I booked the round trip boat tickets

of Donggang Little Liuqiu Scenic Area and electric scooter rental.

96  東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票

 Tai Fu Hao Tourist Steamboat 

TEL: Donggang Station (08)833-9659,

Liuqiu Station(08)861-3995

Address: No.16, Chaolong Rd., Donggang Township, Pingtung County 92844, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Website: http://www.tfship.com.tw/taifu/

Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/taifu.ship/


Showing the QR CODE with my order,

I can get on the boat. How convenient.



The company of Tai Fu Hao Tourist Steamboat starts from 2014.

It can load 192 people on one boat.

The equipment is new, and the ride is comfortable.

It only takes about 25 to 30 minutes until you arrive in Little Liuqiu.東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 

 Don't forget to put on some sunblock on

your way to Little Liuqiu, or you will get sunburned easily. 


When arriving there, I was in a good mood

because of the blue sky and beautiful ocean.

And there are lots of tax-free stores for shopping.1東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票

 Isuda electric scooter 

Electric scooter is convenient and eco-friendly transportation.

Going through Baisha Port, go upstairs and turn left, you will find the Isuda electric scooter.~~


Website:   http://www.kentfa.com.tw/kentfa/www.kentfa.com.tw/homeweb/index.html


As I said before, just show your QR Code with your order,

then you can enjoy the service you booked.

Thus, after the store scan your QR Code,

you can ride the electric scooter and start to visit Liuqiu. in my opinion,

Liuqiu is not a big island so renting an electric scooter is the best choice.

東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 Ordering the E-travel Transportation Package and getting the QR Code,

we can save lots of time for filling with paperwork in procedure.

That’s really convenient, isn't it?


For safety, the workers teach you how to ride,

how to solve easy problems and the way to replace the batteries.東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票  東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票


When meeting some problems you really don't know how to deal with,

you can find the telephone number on the side of the Isuda electric scooter,

and call them. Electric scooters are stylish,

and the clerks will prepare two helmets for you. 


東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 88 

Are you ready ? Let's go!



let's have some excitement,kayak and diving with sea turtles.

although I can't swim, playing in the water is necessary in summer.



 Colorful Liuqiu  

【Waterpark between parents and child】

Address: No.2-66, Fusing Rd., Liouciou Township, Pingtung County 92942, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL: 0911-716-237

Website: https://goo.gl/WAoJRn東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 

Most of visitors coming to Little Liuqiu will go diving,

but not everyone tries to go kayaking.

Let me tell you about my experience.

Coaches will teach you how to do it first,

and you don't need to worry at all,

because they will always by your side when go kayaking, and It's really safe.

 Feng Qian Shui  Ocean Club  


Feng Qian Shui  Ocean Club

TEL: 0986-165-777

Address: No.33-39, Jhongsing Rd., Liouciou Township, Pingtung County 92942, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Website: http://www.divingbee.com/cht/


Coaches show the Feng Qian Shui Ocean Club for us,

and it's really a good place.

They offer shower places and drinking fountains.

And then, we entered in the club and had a training class before diving.東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 


Let me show you the video I made,

you can see and feel how excited and surprised I was diving with sea turtles.  


Ordering Dapeng E-travel Tour Package,

not only is it easy to get to Little Liuqiu,

but you will have a perfect tour.

If you want to go diving with sea turtles, order the Dapeng E-travel Tour Package.

東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票

After a training lesson, we changed into our diving suit for free.


The tour package of kayak and diving with sea turtles only costs NTD2999.

Super good deal, isn't it?



Seeing the beautiful ocean, put us in a good mood.

Thanks so much to my friend who brought the waterproof camera,

taking so many impressionable and memorable pictures for me.東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票


I never thought that I, a person can't swim,

could have those kinds of pictures.

Everyone seemed to be happy very much.

You could enjoy swimming and diving with sea turtles without going abroad.

If you want to have this beautiful experience,

book the Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package on the website now.~


For the beautiful ocean,

I had to overcome my fear of the water. Thanks to 

the coach who took care of me the whole time,

because his support and guide,

I could finally see the beautiful world under the sea and

my friend took lots of pretty pictures for me.


Because coach Ann's a professional,

he got the sea turtles to stay around me,

they were so cute.


Through Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package I bought,

I had a different and perfect experiences.東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package offers their experts to introduce good stores and arrange a schedule,

and visitors like us just book on their website,

choosing what we wanted to do and it was so easy.

東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票  東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 

The coach took me carefully, taking pictures for me, and lots of coral, fish 


and unnamed creatures I'd never seen before around us,

it was so cool.大鵬灣電子旅遊套票

(Some of the pictures are in the water they were from my friend's waterproof camera)

Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package is the only

one that offers this kind of exclusive schedule.

大鵬灣電子旅遊套票大鵬灣電子旅遊套票大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 After diving, we went to visit Vase Rock named by its shape,

like a vase, there were lots of visitors around there.東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 

We were riding electric scooters, and visiting Indian Rock,

Guanyin Rock, Climbing Tiger Rock,

and Houshi Fringing Reef and so on.




東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票

Next schedule, we planned to do the fried dough twists by ourselves

which is the local specialty.

it was more interesting than just buying it.

【Xiao LiuQiu AZhuYi TangBaoBei ShouGong MaHuaJuan/ Sweety Handmade Fried Dough Twists】

TEL: (08) 861-2821

Address: No.146-1, Sanmin Rd., Liouciou Township, Pingtung County 92941, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XiaoLiuQiuAZhuYiTangBaoBeiShouGongMaHuaJuan/


The store manager taught us how to do the fried dough twists,

that was so fun. It was my first time to do it and it was a special experience.


Sweet Handmade Fried Dough Twists

There are 13 kinds of flavors that are handmade, such as non-sweet,

sesame, black sugar, peanut, condensed milk,

seaweed, plum, black pepper, coffee, wasabi, spicy, pineapple, and lemon.

東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票  東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 

Fried dough twists are fresh, low-carb, tasty,

crispy made by hand everyday.

Every flavor tastes good, and I can’t stop eating them.

If you come to Little Liuqiu,

you must have to experience making the fried dough twists.


這款是冰過的麻花捲   冰冰涼涼的,帶淡淡的甜味,它那驚艷口感,總是讓人意猶未盡~~~



【Weii Donggang Specialty】



Weii is located in Donggang township Pingtung county,

which offers tour information service.

Weii was elected to be the number one in Donggang township,

Pingtung county this September.屏東縣東港鎮味益食品行 

They offer heartfelt(heartwarming) service,

and offer a tour guide and information services.

That makes visitors feel sweet very much.


【Little Liuqiu Gokart】

東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票東港小琉球大鵬灣電子旅遊套票  Address: No.60-1, Duzaiping Rd., Liouciou Township, Pingtung County 92942, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL: 0988 097 570

The race track, which is located in Island-round Road and facing the ocean,

covers an area of 1,000 square meters.

Enjoying the high speeds made us feel so excited.


The Little Liuqiu is a really beautiful place,

waiting for you to create more different stories and

discover special spots.

Do what you want and a low cost and have a great time.


Searching Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package,

then you can find various interesting and cost-effective tour packages.

Therefore, I share this website for you to know. 東港/小琉球/大鵬灣電子旅遊套票

Discover your passion. All in Dapeng Bay


Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package


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  ♥Thanks for sponsor-Dapeng E-Travel Tour Package


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